Sunday, September 22, 2013


I heard from Guian Carlos, my sponsored boy in Peru.  He's not really a boy, as he is now 16 years old.  This is the second letter I have received talking about forgiveness.  Hmm. . .  Did I send a letter about forgiveness?  I don't remember.  I don't keep a copy of every letter that I write.  I must have talked about forgiving those who hurt you.  FYI - for things to write to your teen/young adult about, try spiritual issues, like forgiveness, mercy.  Talk about things that have affected you and what you learned during the experiences.  These are the subjects that I am receiving the most responses.


I greet you in the name of our lovely Jesus Christ.  I want to tell you that my family and I are fine.  I like the photo of the cute rooster and the cat.  Well, since I had the call of God I have happy life.  The last thing I did for God was to forgive my worst enemy.  I would like to be a police officer because I would like to stop crimes in my country.  Well, I have to close.  My family cannot pay my studies.  It is very expensive.  In electricity, I am learning to make bulbs.  I share soda in a company called "Kola Real".  I would like to work in an electricity company.  Would you like to come to Peru?  If you come, what places would you like to know?  Would you forgive people who hurt you?  Please pray for my grandma who is sick and for my family.  I say goodbye with a big hug.

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  1. Wow! His letter is so convicting and beautiful! Thank you for sharing. We too agree with sharing spiritual issues with our older children, but we've seen good responses from our children 9-12 as well. :)