Friday, March 25, 2016


Today is Good Friday.  The day that Jesus died on the cross for my sins.  For your sins.  For the world's sins.  It is a fact that often goes without meaning, without reflection.  May I never lose the heaviness that Jesus, an innocent man and the very Son of God, took my sins upon Him and willingly paid my penalty.  The penalty of death.  For the result of sin is death.  The punishment for sin is death.  Before Jesus came, it was the blood of animals that was shed.  The animals' blood was only temporary, because every sin needed a sacrifice.  Jesus paid the penalty once and for all.  Thank God animals are no longer needed to gain His forgiveness.  But, oh, the pain of knowing that His beloved Son took my punishment!  And every time I sin, Jesus's blood covers me.  No more is He nailed to that cross!  For when He died, He died once and for all.  And now He lives, victorious over death, victorious over evil.

I am joyful today, even though it is a somber day.  Yes, Jesus died on this day.  Yes, I should've been on that cross instead of Him.  I can bow my head or lift my hands and thank Jesus for His sacrifice.  I can praise Him for His willingness to endure temporary pain and suffering to give me a way to eternal life.  And I can be reminded that this life is temporary.  The suffering, the pain, the struggles, the sicknesses, it is all temporary.  I have hope that one day it will all end, and I will be completely healed and free in Heaven.

Good Friday is a way for me to find the way to endure through this life, which sometimes grows harder by the day.  Jesus is not done with me yet.  He is still leading me to His home, and one day, I know that I will run to Him and give Him a great big hug.  All the fears, all the pain, all my struggles will one day end.  And it is to Jesus that I will give the glory and honor to.

Praise God for the promise of eternal life through Jesus' blood and resurrection.

Happy Easter, my friends.  May you always find the joy in every day life.

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